Part 2 State 2 An Arkansas Story

After fun in Oklahoma, we had a trip to Arkansas. Hiking is beginning to become an adventure but I still did not know how to find trails and what places to search. I was better prepared to find places to hike and I found two close state parks to hike. My first brush with death was at Woolly Hollow State Park(never heard of it before). The trails were nice and clearly marked at the trailheads. I chose Huckleberry Trail which had great views of the lake and plenty of hills for a good workout. The death part of the hike came when I crossed paths with the biggest snake I have ever seen. I am guessing it was a water moccasin. As I slightly screamed(very manly though). I went in full sprint down the trail as the snake went into sprint mode across the trail. With that being said, it could have been death by snake or heart attack. The snake came out of nowhere and scared the heck out of me.0719131056.jpg0719131139.jpg

Even though most of my hiking experiences did not end up the way I wanted, I have thoroughly enjoyed hiking everywhere I went. The second hike I was really looking forward to doing. I did a bunch of research and of all the Colorado peak failures I was ready to peak my first mountain. I was feeling good and strong, my mind was telling me you can hike all day. I quickly found out that I did not do enough research and my mind lied to me. I go to Pinnacle Mountain State Park and I am ready to hike to the peak. If I did more research I would have noticed there more than one entrance to the park and some trails are no where near the namesake of the park. As I said before my mind lied. I went to the trailhead that I thought would be a quick hike and then head off to Pinnacle Mountain. I hiked the East Quarry Trail to Big Maumelle Overlook to the Rocky Valley trail. I turned a two mile round trip hike into a four plus mile hike that I almost did not survive. The temperature started a bit warm around 92 degrees which I was used to hiking in that heat. The problem arose when a freakish temperature increase hit the area and the temperature rose about 20 degrees in about 30 minutes and the next thing I knew it was 100 plus and I was over a mile away from the trailhead. I was running low on water and the water I did have was burning hot. The water was hard to drink. My clothes were drench but the good thing is that I was still sweating. It took me 45 minutes to do the last mile and half. I had no energy and my legs felt like jello and my clothes were weighing me down. I get to the car where I had two frozen waters that were now hotter than the water I was carrying. I was so exhausted that I forgot about Pinnacle Mountain. I was just happy I survived.IMG_4479.JPG0720131152.jpgIMG_4482.JPG

So I survived Arkansas and now it was back to Colorado for part 3. Can I do a hike and actually complete what I want from the hike? Find out in part 3.