Gator Bait 5K

I ran another Xterra race and had a good time. The race was on Father’s Day and did not realize it until the race was over. The race was in Huntsville State Park and I got to do some hiking the day before. The course was really nice with some good elevation changes but only one real drastic climb. I had a good time of 34:27 which is one of my best times this year. I also ran into a few runners I have seen and talked to at other races earlier this year.19225825_1198934356879167_5975988565205556_n.jpg20170617_171444.jpg19225579_1198935643545705_5189099373711524043_n.jpg

I took third again at an Xterra race. Good times and a good race.

My next trail race was another Xterra race at one of my favorite state parks.

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