Meridian State Park

The next hike was at Meridian State Park. I am getting to these parks as part of the 52 Hike Challenge so there are a bunch of parks I would not consider visiting or even heard of before I started the challenge.  I also choose some guided hikes because I did not know much about the parks or the park system. These little known parks are very nice but do not get publicized because they do have the huge destination within the park. This park, by the way, is located in Meridian, TX which is about an hour and forty minutes southwest of the DFW metroplex. I have never heard of this park but it was in close driving distance, had a guided tour and it had a place called Bee Ledge. It is a naturally occurring rock formation lookout shaped like a  sideways halfpipe. I have seen others since this hike but this was my first time seeing something like this rock. I also realized this was a Civilian Conservation Corps park, which is another new thing I learned on this hike. It was a guided hike so I was given a lot of information on the hike. I am not going to go into the history of the CCC but they built stone structures at these CCC parks and the structures lasted for a very long time and have a distinct look.20170128_093332.jpg

This is one of the CCC buildings we saw and the next is a CCC bridge.20170128_100857(0).jpg

The use of the rocks is a recurring feature of CCC parks. I came for the Bee Ledge but seeing the CCC structures were a nice surprise. Also Lake Meridian was a nice picturesque lake.20170128_111637.jpg

The hike was not flat either it had some very steep inclines and rugged terrain that made the hike more challenging.20170128_110038.jpg20170128_110325.jpg

Then you throw in a river crossing or two and you have a complete hike. We also saw wildlife and a tree cut down by a beaver.20170128_105220.jpg20170128_105439.jpg

Now what I came for was not disappointing. The Bee Ledge was an awesome sight and thrown into the mix of sights to see was a tree growing horizontally out of these limestone rock ledges.20170128_102903.jpg20170128_103329.jpg20170128_103344.jpg20170128_104051.jpg

We stayed on the Bosque Hiking Trail for the entire trek but there was another unmarked trail near the dam. The ranger said that they are going to have that trail completed at sometime and it leads to dinosaur tracks and other wildlife viewings.20170128_114851.jpg20170128_114856.jpg

I really enjoyed this hike and will definitely be back when the last trail section is open for hiking. It was a good experience being on a guided hike again. I am finding that the Texas state parks have many guided hikes at the beginning of the year and into spring which is nice but as I hike more the self guided hikes are a bit more fun.


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