Dinosaur Valley State Park

I heard about this park for awhile before I hiked it. Since the time I have started hiking “seriously”, I have hiked this park twice and ran two 5Ks in this park. The park is beautiful and the trails really help the hiker see all the park has to offer. Some people complain that there is a water crossing to get to the best parts of the park and when it rains it might be unpassable. I think they are just complainers. The most famous part of the park in the the very clear and visible dinosaur tracks in the river. I came for the 45 foot waterfall but later to find out it is rarely flowing. Just once in the past 5 years and that was the flood year of 2015. If you hike to the top of the park you can see the plains, the river and the forest all in the park. The trail map is useful to find the overlook and other park scenery. As I have found out some trail maps are better than others but this is a good one. It is a moderate to challenging hike but worth the effort. There also a pond at the top of the park in which not many people know about but I was lucky to be on a ranger lead hike. This was one of my first hikes so my pictures were still a work in progress and they get better as I start to hike other parks. 20161231_103440.jpgDinosaur track.20161231_110753Overlook from one of the highest points of the park.20161231_113923The hidden pond at the top of the park20161231_122841The river crossing to get to the good trails.20161231_121250On the ledge of the trail leading to the high point.DVSP SelfieMy hiking buddy and myself selfie.

This was a fun hike and looking forward to sharing more Texas State Parks. Next up the rare Texas snow hike.

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