Cedar Ridge Preserve Snow Hike

In January of 2017. We got a treat of snow. We do not get much snow in the DFW metroplex so I decided to take advantage of the snow. I got my hiking stuff together and went to the Cedar Ridge Preserve for a good ol’ snow hike. I was expecting a lot of people to be there but much to my surprise there was only one other car and as I was hiking I saw no one.


I did see that some people were here with the writing in the snow.20170106_165302.jpg

I had gloves on with a sweatshirt and a hat. I was out there hiking and I got warm and even started to sweat from being over bundled up. The trails really stuck out among the the trees as whites squiggly lines.hike20

The weird thing was that the trails were not slick and very hikeable. When it rains a ton at times you cannot hike on the steep part of the trails but the trails held up well. hike22

The trails were in good enough shape to get to the lowest part of the preserve by the pond and small waterfall.20170106_163513Hike25.jpg

I had a great time on these trails and hopefully I will get a chance to have another snow hike on these trails with a whole bunch more snow.20170106_16131220170106_165407

If you go to the Youtube page you can see the snow hike as well as other state park hikes. Big Guy Hiking and Trail Running



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