Hiking the Basic Approach

So every(one) that has been following this blog is probably waiting for good substantive information of places to hike. This will not be the blog post you are looking for. I am going to give some useful information about hiking tools and what my personal preferences are for hiking. We will start with the feet. I prefer Nike Elite socks, any color, they are sturdy buy light weight and very comfortable.  Now for shoes I like Hi Tec Altitude Lite and previously I hiked in Hi Tec Altitude V and for the more snobbish hiker I also loved my Timberland Chocorua’s. As for pants I go with 5,11 Taclite Pro pants. The pants are light but tough and extremely comfortable. I never hike in shorts. I do not like the feeling of grass and stuff on my legs. A thermal pullover long sleeve shirt for cold weather hikes and any graphic tee for warmer weather hikes and I always have an undershirt. A boonie hat is also a must for head protection. I use to hike with a large fanny pack but now any light weight day backpack is good. Snacks are usually a personal preference but beef jerky and peanut butter crackers are my favorites. I have tips for hiking but most more than likely already know this stuff. If you are taking pictures with your camera have it on landscape, I actually picked my phone just because of the camera. If you are in Texas, checking out the state parks are a must hike. I always check out the Texas Parks and Wildlife website. I also like using the Kamp-Rite cot tent. I do not like being on the ground so this tent is off the ground and comfortable. The only problem is that it is bulky and heavy and not good if you are backcountry hiking. It is perfect for car camping or a campsite at a park drive up. Last but not least hiking poles, I use Alpine metal poles. They are light weight and durable and the cork grips are a bit better than the rubber grips. Other things I bring are a Bowie knife, lip balm, gun, flashlight, sun block, bug spray and pain relievers. If you lasted through this post the next will be the hikes and more interesting content. They will be the post you want to read and the pictures you want to see.

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