Hiking becomes a Hobby: Part 1 State 1 Oklahoma

In 2013, I now have been hiking Cedar Ridge Preserve regularly and Cedar Hill SP sparingly. I like this hiking thing but I just do not know where to start or where to go. I get on a map website and look around my area and find Windmill Hill Preserve. Hiking spot #3, that is close by so I check it out and it has some good elevation changes and some good views. It also has trail signs on the ground on a four inch by four inch stone. The trails are open in some parts and down right creepy in others but overall a good place in the daytime.


OK lets get to the Oklahoma part of this blog. Why might you ask I leave the comforts of a ten minute drive to go to Oklahoma to hike? One of the kids of course, my son was going on a recruiting trip to Oklahoma so I decided to hike some trails near the college. I had the opportunity to go to several trails and some fantastic views of Oklahoma’s natural beauty but of course I could only find two places and one did not even have a paved road. First I believe I went to the Echota Public Use Area(never heard of it), the one with a dirt road leading to the “public use area.” I glad I was in an SUV or this drive would have been impossible. While driving I swore I heard banjos in the background and when I got to the trailhead I found the guy that could have been playing the banjo. This guy was as friendly as you can get but was looking like the definition of backwoods. The trail was short and not marked well at all. 0624131436.jpg0624131426.jpg

The second place was Greenleaf State Park(never heard of it). The drive to the park was very nice. Winding roads views of the mountains and small towns here and there. Their was also an Army Base out there in the middle of nowhere. This is the first park I have been to where you sign in and out at the trailhead so they know you made it out. The trail was very narrow but had plenty of streams crossing with small bridges to keep my attention, It was a nice place to hike and if you wanted to fish this was definitely the place.0625131051.jpg


Part 2 State2 will take me Arkansas and a near death experience twice.


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